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Rooted in a tradition of innovation and excellence, we stand as a beacon of trust and quality within the global market. Our strength is founded on our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value, supported by exclusive partnerships and a wealth of experience. Guiding you into a realm where reliability meets pioneering spirit, we ignite curiosity and unveil vast opportunities. Our dedication to maintaining high standards and offering competitive solutions ensures not just satisfaction, but a deep sense of security, reinforcing our credibility as your premier partner. 
Explore the possibilities with Van Ver Holding, where your success is our highest priority.


Van Ver Holding embodies the spirit of innovation, excellence, and trust. Founded on the principles of integrity, dedication, and foresight, we have grown to become a respected leader in the industry, known for our commitment to quality and reliability. 
Our journey has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of our clients’ evolving needs.
We are a holding company that prides itself on fostering exclusive partnerships and harnessing extensive experience to drive success across the global market. Our approach is rooted in a strategic vision that seeks not only to anticipate the future but to create it, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation

At Van Ver Holding, we understand that our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our partners and clients. This belief drives us to maintain the highest standards in everything we do, from our strategic initiatives to our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to provide not just satisfaction, but a profound sense of security and trust to all our stakeholders.
Our mission is simple, to lead with innovation and integrity, ensuring that we continuously deliver value and excellence. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that await us, ready to explore new horizons and achieve greater heights.
Welcome to Van Ver Holding, where your success is our priority. Join us as we continue to shape the future, creating lasting value for our partners, clients, and the global community.


“To lead the way in global commerce by fostering unparalleled value and innovation across a diverse portfolio. Van Ver Holding is dedicated to achieving excellence in every venture, ensuring our partnerships and operations are marked by integrity, sustainability, and a commitment to the highest standards. Our mission is to empower our clients, enhance our communities, and drive forward economic growth and sustainability through strategic foresight, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of quality.”


“Van Ver Holding aspires to be recognized worldwide as the epitome of corporate excellence and innovation. Our vision is to set the standard for integrity, diversity, and sustainability in global business practices, transforming industries through leadership and innovative solutions. We aim to build a future where our company not only excels in every field we venture into but also contributes to a better, more sustainable world for future generations, underpinned by our commitment to ethical practices, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.”


Our products are sourced directly from Our industry-experienced manufacturers, ensuring
quality and reliability every step of the way


Van Ver Holding takes pride in being appointed as the exclusive sales representative for specific countries on behalf of a premier entity within the oleochemical industry. This esteemed partnership highlights our pivotal role in facilitating access to superior oleochemical products for these markets, embodying our steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence and sustainability. It is through this unique position that Van Ver Holding is able to deliver bespoke solutions, meticulously tailored to meet the sophisticated demands of quality, efficiency, and innovation required by our discerning clientele.

Edible Oil & Fats

We are proud to serve as the exclusive sales representative for one of Indonesia's largest producers of edible oils and fats, with a specific focus on serving certain countries. This pivotal role enables us to connect global markets with premium-quality products, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and trust. Through our partnership, we can offer a comprehensive range of edible oils and fats that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. In our role, we see ourselves as vigilant guardians for our customers, rigorously overseeing all processes to ensure the delivery of products that adhere to the highest standards of quality. Additionally, we leverage our position to provide competitive prices, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled value.

Paper Packaging Manufacturing

Van Ver Holding’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is exemplified in our paper packaging manufacturing unit. Specializing in producing a wide range of high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we cater to diverse needs across various sectors. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and commitment to excellence ensure that we deliver products that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.


Van Ver Holding is proud to serve as the exclusive sales representative for several countries on behalf of one of the leading companies in a significant industry. This strategic alliance underlines our role in bridging advanced solutions and exceptional products with the global market, reinforcing our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and fostering enduring partnerships.

Eco-Friendly Product

Van Ver Holding stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation, driven by our specialized business unit dedicated to creating eco-friendly products. We are committed to producing solutions that meet today’s needs while safeguarding our planet’s future.


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At Van Ver Holding, we’re driven by a commitment to excellence and sustainable innovation. Our journey is shaped by the success of our partners and the lasting impact we create together. If you’re ready to explore how we can support your goals with our comprehensive solutions and expertise, we’re here to start the conversation.

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